My Killer Application to Wapice LTD

My primary channel for searching next job is Linkedin Job Board at the moment.

Yesterday I found interesting classfield where Wapice LTD is looking for mobile and software developer for Android app developement. I sent my Killer application for that position.

Wapice LTD Headquarters is located on Turku University Campus area and I have not discovered all the backgrouds for that IT-company but it looks like a some kind of start-up -enterprise. That’s no matter for me what type of Limited Liability Company Wapice LTD is if get hired in my stakeholding role would be ordinary employee positioning as ”Mobile Developer” with monthly regular wage and paycheck paid for me. I was early -bird Applicant meaning I was seventh applicant in the history since this classfield release couple of weeks ago.

Company’s website and working language is English-way but that’s no problem for me. I’m enthusiastic for using Professional English at the field of Technology and thirsty to discover more and more till the End when it comes down to Language. My Technology-related English is better in Spoken but I success very well for Written issues too.

Hopefully Wapice LTD Human Resource Chief contacts me appealing for my English-written application toward recruiting action or I’m happy if it makes any infuelce on her. Recruirement form gave me automatic response directed website as an answer after pushing ”Send” -button where I was told that they contanct me as soon as possible.


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