Application to Management and Financical assistant position

After all these over three long years since my graduation on February 2017 at TUAS B.B.A-degree Program there was open position classfield at the Emplyement Office board.

I applied for Administavive assistant including co-work with the Management and Finance -branches at Company named Greenstep Oy.

I told them my Linkedin -profile and missing half a year valid and relevant working experience before I legally can enroll in Master Studies in Business and Administration MBA -degree program. Told my experience with simple accounting experience with small-sized enterprises and clearly said I’m taking it seriously when it comes down at the Business.

Hopefully my application made confidece sense among with Greenstep recruiters. If I get this position my working dress code is my pinstripe type of cut of men’s jacket. I’m familiar with it and feeling self-concisiouness grow higher during waering it. There has no been lot of use my pinstripe -blazer recently.


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